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  • A battle.
  • Members of different clans fighting.
  • Great graphics.

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María Noel Balla Senior editor

This program has been discontinued.
It is no longer being updated, and you won't be able to obtain it from its original developer.
Battle Realms demo is a strategy game developed by Liquid Entertainment.
This strategy game takes place in Feudal Japan, mixing his mythology with the creativity of the developers. You will discover a world full of fantastic creatures and magic as the pure Japanese style.

At the beginning of this adventure you must decide between two paths towards the good, the clan of the Dragon, and the path to evil and darkness, the Clan of the Snake.
Your decision will affect forever the way of thinking of Kenji the hero and the future actions. Four clans are in this land full of evil and war: The Wolf, The Lotus, The Snake and the Dragon.

In the demo version you can choose between the Dragon or the Snake clans on three maps each one with four modes.
If you choose the Dragon clan all your actions will be in order to reach the world peace. You will set free all the people that is slave. At the end you will fight against the Snake clan.
In the other hand, if you choose the Snake clan, your goal will be to dominate the world.

Graphics and sound
The environment is gorgeous and the graphics are incredible as well as the scenarios. the sound effects are very good and the soundtrack is nice.

To sum up, this is an amazing game you will spend a lot of time play it.


  • Fantastic graphics and excellent environment.


  • You can play only with two clans.

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  • 0
    Guest 2 years ago

    How to download this app? Pls answer me!

    • 0
      Nordine Bjerke 2 years ago

      Dear User! Unfortunately, Battle Realms has been discontinued by the developer and is not available any more on the developer's website.

  • -1
    eagle 5 years ago
    — help
    Pros: win7 not registered
    Cons: confuse

    anybody can help me????

  • 0
    junnel 6 years ago

    i like the game

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